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Stages DASH GPS Head Unit 2018

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Stages DASH performance-training GPS head unit - designed to coach a rider to their best performance!

Stages DASH is the most powerful and personalized training tool in cycling. Whether you want to simply want to take it out of the box and ride it, or you want to dial in every single aspect. DASH was designed to turn cycling data into performance - to be the best tool in cycling data that is also easy for every cyclist to use.

In the five years since launching the Stages Power meter, Stages Cycling has optimized its use with 3rd party cycling computers, but discovered a need for a highly-focused, customizable, training device. Stages DASH delivers robust Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity to Stages Power and 3rd party devices, plus GPS capabilities, while introducing new features including the ability to offer guided workout coaching and specific provisions to manage critical training metrics across all devices.


Stages Cycling introduces a complete training experience with two new products for 2017 that complement the Stages Power meter: Stages DASH and Stages LINK. Riders who purchase Stages Power or Stages DASH will receive complementary full access for two months.

"Stages DASH" is a power-training-optimized GPS head unit that seamlessly integrates with Stages LINK, a new cloud-based training and analytic system that includes custom-tailored coaching and education for cyclists of any ability.

"Stages LINK" will also help you quickly set up your Stages DASH and keep tabs on your Stages Power meter, all while being open and compatible with 3rd party devices. Stages DASH with Stages LINK will provide a complete experience, that personally guides a rider through the process of living with and meeting their performance goals with power, in an easy and fast way for riders to achieve their best performance.

Stages LINK is a hub of cloud-based coaching, education, training analysis and equipment management tools. The system is backed by the industry's most advanced analysis capabilities currently being used in the professional peloton, courtesy of Today's Plan. Stages LINK will custom tailor training plans and daily workouts to benefit rider performance and enable performance goals, whether the goal is to simply improve fitness or target specific races over multiple seasons.



All settings, page layouts, activity profiles, sensor data, and device information can be accessed and edited within the Stages LINK device manager.


LINK functionality in mobile app allows for performance management, calendar, workout editing, activity overviews and other user settings. Those users without a LINK account can access all Utility app functionality, but when logged in to a Stages Link account, all settings and attributes on the Web platform are synced to the App.


The DASH firmware is designed to reference a simple data file that cues all settings and rider information. DASH and LINK are synced to allow the user to manage DASH from anywhere.


With Stages Link integration, DASH will automatically sync upcoming workouts any time it makes a Bluetooth or USB connection. Workouts are recorded via the .stages file format for simplified, easy post workout analysis.


Metrics displayed how YOU want them. Using the data page configuration tool (via Stages LINK), you can easily customize all of their Stages DASH data pages in any way you like.


Stages LINK will guide you through the process of building a custom training plan to meet your personal goals. LINK takes into account your personal goals, your current fitness level and upcoming events to build and deliver a custom training plan to you. From here, workouts can be delivered straight to Stages DASH.


Allow the user to view sensor data and, for Stages Power meters, access additional information and alerts that will improve customer experience. Changes made to sensor data on the manager tab will be reflected on DASH.



Display modes can be set for activity types, and changed with a button press. Got a TT bike? Set to portrait mode for TT, and sit between the bars. Switching to your road bike? Set Road Racing to Landscape mode.


Up to 16 data fields per screen, with 5 screens per profile. The industry's most customizable display for advanced users.


DASH comes with preset, yet completely customizable, activity profiles. An activity profile is a collection of sensors, settings, and data pages that allow the user the ability to set up DASH for each of their bikes, riding situations, or both that can be changed easily before every ride.


Sensors paired to any activity profile are saved to DASH and can be managed on the device or in Stages Link. Sensor specific menus allow the user to view or change sensor attributes. Proximity search for ANT and Bluetooth creates an easy pairing process.


Upload routes to your Stages DASH for breacdcrumb-trail style navigation. For turn-by-turn notifications, Stages DASH will in future allow push notifications from your GPS-enabled smart phone.



Type - high-contrast mono LCD display, with anti-glare coating
Resolution - 240 x 400 px
Backlight - yes

Water Rating - IPX7 water resistant

Type - Li-Ion
life ~ 25 to 30 hours (depending on use)

Brand: Stages
Type: Cycling Computers
Colour: Black
Wireless: Wireless Unit
Screen: Standard
Maps: Included
Cadence: Not Included
Heart Rate Monitor: Not Included
Power Meter Compatible: Yes
Item condition: New
Availability: In-store
ID: 104136052

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For current stock availability please call the store on 02 99880511

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Stages DASH GPS Head Unit 2018

Now $389 $449

In store


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