ByK E-350 18" Ninja Green 2018


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The bike every kid would love to learn on
This bike redefines children's bikes for innovation and excellence.

From the smooth handling long wheelbase to the ultra-efficient tall wheels, safe braking with a footbrake and two calibrated alloy handbrakes, every single component has been carefully selected.

Little Details Count:
Increased knee to handlebar clearance for growing bodies
Alloy seat clamp
Custom length cranks
Pedals with bearings
Smooth running tyres to reduce road friction and noise so your child can hear safety instructions
Ergonomic riding triangle between pedals, seat and handlebar for best balance and efficiency
Long wheelbase for more predictable handling at higher speeds
At the heart of every ByK Bike is a well designed frame and weighing in at less than 1kg, your child will have a light and easy bike to ride. Small children have a narrow pelvis. We believe for a child to ride comfortably and in the correct position, the saddle should be padded and matching the size of their body - we have done just that with the E-350.

The Baby Blue girls retro model also comes with Rear Mud Guards and Front Basket.

With lightweight alloy wheels, we've made pedalling easier; professional bike riders insist on them so why shouldn't our kids too! And the smooth, faster-rolling tyres don't wear little legs out so quickly - as opposed to regular BMX kids bikes that have wide tyres with big knobs that most kids struggle to get going on. At just over 8kgs, the E-350 is approximately 30% more efficient than comparative kids bikes.

To make a children's bike safe, the rider needs to be able to brake efficiently and confidently. On the front we have used an alloy side pull calliper for developing immediate hand control, and at the rear a coaster brake for simple and safe foot braking.

We have used alloy front and rear callipers with light action for superior control and a simple and safe coaster style foot brake. The best of both worlds we believe. The custom-sized V-Brakes we have used are calibrated for age, ability and ergonomic fit. And they are made of non-flexing, strong and light alloy. Our light weight alloy rims ensure pedalling is easier. But more importantly alloy rims are a more efficient braking surface than cheaper, chrome-plated steel rims, and are therefore safer.

Also Available in Red/white, Violet purple/white, Pink/white, Midnight black, Blue/white, Sky blue/white
Call for current availability 02 99880511 If in stock we can have in store within 2-3 business days.

Product Details

  • Item condition: New
  • Availability: In-store
  • Brand: ByK
  • Category: 18" Kids Bikes
  • Colour: Blue, Green
  • ID: 103100382


Kids Attributes:
Ability Level Able to ride or ready to learn.
Age 4 - 6 years
Height 95 -117 cms

Bike Specifications:
Weight 8+kg
Frame Lightweight Alloy, Low Gravity Concept Design
Wheels Dynamic Advantage Tall Alloy Wheels with Radial Front Spokes
Tyres Low Profile, Low Resistance Design with Tough Tubes
Brakes Rear Coaster Brake with Alloy Front Caliper and Rear V Brake
Brake Levers Alloy, Adjustable Short Reach
Saddle Comfort Mini
Handlebars Custom Width V-bars

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